Correspondent Dr. Kurian Abrahamis a charismatic, spirited and revered citizen of Kodaikanal. Zion is an outcome of his childhood dream to institute an establishment that provides world-class education with no compromise in quality. His multifarious talents and ingenuity have won him several accolades across diverse platforms as evidenced by his widely acclaimed Mayoral campaign from 1996-2006 as Chairman of Kodaikanal municipality. Despite the unfathomable challenges he faced as an Independent Candidate, the city recorded unprecedented economic growth, chronicled unmatched infrastructural advancements and Kodaikanal transformed into a hub for tourism and scenic beauty. As the Chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society in Kodaikanal since 1992, numerous residents have benefited from his medical camps, insurance schemes, educational scholarships, sanitary drives, water provisions and welfare systems. As the Chairman of the Indian Pentecostal Church since 2008, 13 churches have been planted under his leadership in and around Kodaikanal for God’s glory. His iron will, vigorous courage, thirst for excellence and sheer grit have guided Zionists since the institution’s inception and continues to play an integral role in the school’s success.

Executive Correspondent

A proud alumnus of Zion School, Dr. Patrick Abraham Kurian is the new face of management at Zion. After completing is undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in U.S.A., he returned to Kodaikanal with a goal of serving his community and people by imparting quality education using futuristic aids and technologies. Staff and students at Zion have immensely benefited from his managerial expertise that  encompasses both traditional and western belief systems. Under his governance and headship which embodies both emotional and intelligence quotients of cognitive development, students have found a home for personal expression and a haven for scholastic advancement.


PrincipalWith nearly 3 decades of experience in the education industry and 22 years of service at Zion, Principal Mrs. Nancy Prince is a synonym of scholastic expertise. Academicians and students both past and present laud her penchant for success, dedication to the field and ardor for the advancement of students. As India is proud of Mother Teresa, Zion management, students and parents are proud of her altruistic contribution to the institution, education field and community.

Administrative Officer

Mrs. Jaya Arthur began her journey at Zion 18 years ago and is the epitome of dedication, loyalty, commitment and hard work. Her quintessential yearning to overcome any challenge and defy conventional beliefs have transformed her into one of the most instrumental personalities in Zion’s rich and storied history. As a foundational pillar of the institution, her unparalleled administrative skills and elite teaching methodologies are mirrored and echoed in her students worldwide.

Discipline Master

As the head of the Physical Education Department for the past 15 years, Mr. Ibrahim also serves as the Discipline Master at Zion. His devotion to the student community is evident through his unceasing passion, firm determination and the proverbial extra mile he is willing to go each day to ensure that his pupils exceed their ambitions. Marinated in ideals of integrity, humility and uprightness, he radiates these core principles through his deeds that in turn reflect on his students.

Head of Biology Department

Mrs. Thangarani is our senior most faculty member and is worthy of every imaginable accolade and colossal acclaim. She began her journey at Zion 23 years ago and currently serves as the Head of the Biology department. A household name at Zion for the past few decades, her impact on the student community lies deep within the framework that forms the foundation for education. Her contributions are directly responsible for numerous Zionists making history in different parts of the world.

Chief of Girl’s Hostel

Ms. Charmine Suriakala’s contribution to Zionists, especially to the women’s community, is unparalleled in terms of dedication and service. As the Head of the Girl’s Hostel at Zion for the past 16 years, she has been instrumental in transforming fledgling students into future icons and groundbreakers. Her active involvement in the Junior Red Cross instills fundamental ideals of empathy, compassion, humility and munificence amongst her students.

Head of Mathematics Department

Mrs. Velankani is a math wizard and is a beloved member of the Zion community. She gained the respect of students, peers, parents and management through her never-give- up attitude, blissful aura and impeccable teaching abilities. She never shies away from going above and beyond conventional measures to equip her students to face tomorrow’s challenges. During her 8 year tenure at Zion, she has captured the hearts of thousands in and around campus and continues to garner attention for her instructional talents.