Each student is responsible for maintaining a safe, systematic, orderly and disciplined environment at school. Students are expected to:

•    Respect their peers and all staff members.
•    Respect school property and the belongings of others.
•    Attend school daily and be prompt for all classes.
•    Obtain proper permission before availing leave.
•    Adhere to the school’s dress code.
•    Refrain from possessing cell phones or any other electronic items.
•    Complete daily assignments in a timely manner.
•    Enthusiastically partake in all of the school’s activities.
•    Amicably resolve any differences with others in a nonviolent fashion.
•    Remain free of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other illegal narcotics.
•    Refrain from possessing weapons of any nature that may cause bodily harm.
•    Comply with the school’s rules regarding absences, exams and extra classes.


We at Zion strive to accommodate the diverse needs of staff, students and parents. In order to maintain a secure and sheltered learning atmosphere, the following rules have a zero tolerance policy and are subject to punitive action.

•    Possession of cell phones, Ipods, Ipads, tablets, gaming devices, computers or other electronic equipment within the school premises without prior consent from management will result in confiscation of such items.

•    Possession of all weapons including pocketknives, blades, arms and ammunition or any such items that are capable of inflicting bodily harm is deemed as a threat and will result in immediate disciplinary action.

•    Possession of or being under the influence of alcohol, tobacco or any illicit drugs will result in instant dismissal from the school.

•    Possession of obscene literature, use of vulgar language and lewd conduct are grounds for severe penal action.

•    Deliberate destruction or vandalism of all school property including furniture, flooring, walls, windows, toilets, utensils, electronic gear and sporting items are subject to heavy fines.

•    Verbal threats or physical confrontations with fellow students or staff members regardless of hierarchy will result in stern disciplinary measures.

     Tardiness, excessive absenteeism, noncompliance with dress code and defiance of school rules will lead to punitive action.